Techopia Beekeeping, a cross-generation family business

The story of Beekeeping Techopia begins more than half a century ago, in a small village in the Carpathian Mountains. The first beekeeper of the family was my grandfather Todosie, a Second World War veteran.
One day, while hiking in a nearby forest, my father came across a beehive. Carefully he was able to capture it and bring it home. Soon after, my grandfather joined in and help my father to build the first bee boxes …and the story of Beekeeping Techopia Apiary begun.
At that point I must have been 3 or 4 years old. All my memories with my grandfather revolve around the apiary. Countless times I got stung while growing up and memory of the smell of the smoker and comb never left me. The good side is that growing up at their farm, I got the taste for the honey filled with passion as well.


Techopia Apiary turned into a second generation family business when my father, Traian, retired from his daily job and alongside my uncle Sami decided to get involved full time in the business, and to continue my grandfather’s work.
I’ve added some photos with my dad. In the nearby picture he is doing a visual inspection of his former apiary that he had in the Carpathians.


More than 10 years after coming to Quebec, in 2014, I’ve decided to take the beekeeping mantle. The third generation of my family to do so.
Bringing beekeeping and honey products in the XXI century, we offer our clients and friends the chance to learn all about this industry from one of the oldest beekeeping families in the business.
Beekeeping Techopia offers you the possibility to buy natural honey and various medicinal mixes online but we also encourage you to come and pay us a visit in our shop.


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Gabriel Mario
Gabriel Mario
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